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Troy Wins – Your Sports Betting Advantage

Troy West, the visionary behind Troy Wins, has dedicated over two decades to mastering the art of sports betting. Starting as a hobby at 17, Troy transformed his passion into a career, becoming one of America’s leading handicappers. At Troy Wins, we offer comprehensive sports betting services tailored to meet the needs of both avid bettors and newcomers alike.


What We Do

Provide expert sports picks and betting strategies.

Offer personalized coaching and tailored betting plans.

Deliver transparent and insightful analysis to help you make informed decisions.

Ensure consistent profits through proven methodologies and a commitment to excellence.

The Troy Wins Difference

Proven Track Record

With a history of accurate predictions and profitable outcomes, Troy Wins stands out in the competitive sports betting industry.

Expertise and Analysis

Our team of seasoned experts analyzes sports data, trends, and statistics to provide informed and insightful predictions.

Customized Strategies

We understand your unique goals and provide personalized recommendations to maximize your success.

Full-Time Commitment

Unlike others who treat it as a side hustle, sports betting is our full-time career and passion.

Who We Serve

Avid sports bettors seeking advanced strategies and higher winning percentages.

Curious non-bettors interested in learning and entering the sports betting world.

Anyone looking to turn their sports knowledge into profitable betting opportunities.

Join Troy West and the team at Troy Wins

Join Troy West and the team at Troy Wins to elevate your betting game and achieve consistent, long-term success. Discover your path to profitable betting with the support of dedicated experts committed to your growth and profitability.